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The Foundation of Wellness Program is a unique niche in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing health and wellness services that will leave you feeling stronger, healthier, and performing better. We provide our members with an individualized roadmap using a proprietary intake and analysis method,  tested for years with quality of life saving outcomes.  Enroll now and see what you have been missing.


We are all made from the same foundation.  This foundation unites our humanity but if it is “cracked” it is a source of disease, illness, poor performance, and loss of quality of life.  The foundation is our biochemistry that creates our wellness and is the fuel to make us thrive.  That fuel is our microbiome, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.  When in balance, we thrive.  When in deficiency, the foundation is "cracked".  This program is designed to assess the foundation of humanity and correct abnormalities.  This is why our members experience an improvement in their quality of life, baseline wellness, and reduction of symptoms of disease.  People who have enrolled in this program report increased energy, clarity, clear skin, less stomach pain and bloat, better sleep, less physical pain, increased tolerance to foods, more effective medications, and major improvements in their quality of life.

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Set your goals and begin your journey.  Discuss the impacts your symptoms have on your quality of life and function with Dr. Noah Segal.  Receive your hair kit for heavy metal / toxin assessment.


You will have the opportunity to share any prior relevant lab panels which we can use as an outcome assessment tool and measure of progress towards your goals, as well as the quality of life score intake form, heart rate variability,  cognitive or GERD assessments, and hair analysis for toxic burden.  Once received, your micronutrient and or microbiome results will be a baseline tool as well.


This is your time to make changes.  Remove excess sugar, refined flours, soda, alcohol, junk food.  Get moving.  Set up your smart device for data aggregation on heart rate, etc.  Begin toxic element assessment and removal.  Decide what symptom specific testing to start with (microbiome or micronutrients) to reach your nearest goal.  Additional biomarkers (cbc with differential, thyroid, hormone, MTHFR (gene mutations), etc. can be added as needed or requested with micronutrient testing).


During this phase we will review your micronutrient or microbiome results and give you your unique Foundation of Wellness protocol.  Protocols may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, herbs, prebiotics, salts, other natural biochemical agents along with guidance for lifestyle and nutritional changes.  Evidence based data or clinical trial research is used to find the best, most conservative yet effective protocol for you.


Use current technology and communication platforms to perform formal monthly case management appointments to discuss your protocol and progress toward your goals.  Modify program if needed on an individual basis.  Concierge access by additional appointments, text, calls, or emails is always available throughout the duration of your program at no additional cost.


Receive 1-2 hours of personal time discussing meal plans and food choices based off of your individual Foundation of Wellness assessments and results. 


This is your chance to decide your future goals.  Stay a member and continue to gain empowerment, quality of life, and/or graduate to a new stage in life and reap the benefits of your success.

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Mark C

I was skeptical, but tried The Foundation of Wellness Program on the urging of my wife. It turns out that the recommendations worked. It was an amazing turnaround. I had been near dispair from gut problems, but for the past 6 months, I'm close to 100% better. None of the 3 gastroenterologists I had previously seen were able to help me, but this advice worked. That's the bottom line: this advice worked for me and I'm very glad of it.

Sandra L

The Foundation of Wellness Program has been a Gdsend for me. It has helped me emotionally and physically with my health issues. I had many stomach problems and could not get any relief from a gastroenterologist along with arthritis issues and not much help from a rheumatologist either. Feeling depressed and unsure of my future with these health issues, the process made me feel so comfortable and so hopeful with great healthy results. After testing diet and many months of conversations and supplement regiments I can say my health issues have improved greatly and for that I am so thankful for this and I will continue working with with this program indefinitely.

Dr. A. S.

I am over-the-moon grateful for The Foundation of Wellness's help with my 10-year-old son! Over the course of the pandemic, beginning with the Lockdown, my son began to suffer emotionally. At first, I thought it was the stress of the isolation and pandemic but as time went on and life returned to a more normal state, his symptoms got worse instead of better. My son was experiencing emotional regression and meltdowns more aligned with that of a 4-yr-old, violent tendencies whenever he had a fever, and panic attacks whenever he was faced with any homework after school. Finally, at the end of 4th grade, he was having 30-minute panic attacks every day as he tried to do homework.

I reached out to The Foundation of Wellness Program as I began to suspect that the problem was not just emotional but that there must also be an underlying gut problem. Well, his tests came back spot on. It uncovered reasons for my son's panic and anger within the gut-brain connection. The program helped me to understand that my son had nutritional deficiencies and genetic mutations (MTHFR) that made it impossible for him to handle stress. We also found reasons for smaller issues such as the giant canker sores he would get when sick as well as car sickness. The connections were all so specific to my child's symptom picture.

We recieved a protocol. I put my son on a cleanse during the summer and by the time he went back to school in the fall, my kiddo was a completely different child! We continue to have more challenges with quarantining and remote schooling, but he now handles everything with a calm, rational demeanor. If he has a meltdown, it lasts only minutes and feels appropriate for that of a 10-yr-old.

I am incredibly grateful to The Foundation of Wellness Program and can highly recommend it! I have my beautiful child back!!


My name is Laura, I am 58 years old, and I am very grateful for the success I have had with Dr. Noah.

Over the years, I had spent countless hours trying to solve the mysteries of my hair loss and a constant tingling in my face. MRI's, blood work,  x-rays, and endless doctors yielded no answers for me. 

After completing a program with Dr. Noah, I discovered GI issues, food reactions, and nutrient deficiencies that had never been identified through standard blood work. I felt better in a very short time. My hair has started some new growth, the tingling in my face is 100% gone. I feel less bloated, my inflammation is down, and I can lift weights again without being in pain.

Ginnie M.

I had very bad digestive issues; diarrhea, bloating, headaches and fatigue. During the program it was determined that I had some serious issues that were not going to go away on their own. 

Dr. Noah held my hand through the process, it was comforting to have a healthcare professional take my symptoms seriously and compassionately. 

No more headaches or fatigue, and infrequent diarrhea, and less bloating.

It was great receiving healthcare at home. Dr. Noah was attentive, comprehensive, and caring. Also it was very convenient to communicate with Dr. Noah in the convenience of my own home.


I was considering surgery and needed professional advice beyond just my primary care physician. Dr. Noah identified my food allergies and prescribed the right supplements and diet to slow down my risk of diabetes and treat my issues. I am thankful for his expertise and the lessons he taught me.



CLIA certified professional labs to get evidence based bio data on your unique deficiencies and needs


Have a personal consult with a PhD in holistic nutrition to determine your specific dietary needs and meal plan.  Fire up your detox pathways and prep your body for success


Years of clinical practice and discovery has given Dr. Noah Segal (a Chiropractic Physician) the insight to make the right choices for you.  No one is quite like you and so no protocol is the same.  Cookie cutter or one size fits all simply doesn't fly here.


Concierge availability and monthly follow ups do not allow you to fail.

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How We Got Our Start

At The Foundation of Wellness Program, we sincerely care about your quality of life. Since 2012, we’ve been perfecting our proprietary methods in order to provide you with exactly what you need to look and feel healthier, perform better, and improve your quality of life.

We take pride in taking the time to understand what each member needs in order to reach wellness. That’s why so many of our members benefit and we continue to grow and expand year after year. The Foundation of Wellness Program is ready to help you, so don’t delay your potential another day, get in touch today!

Meet the Doctor and Foundation of Wellness Founder!

Dr. Noah Segal

"I am an internationally known chiropractic physician who embarked on a journey to specialize in functional testing of the human body in order to help people improve their quality of life! 

My upbringing in the natural foods and products industry, as well as my own health issues, influenced my interest in studying how the body and its microbiome function and impact health. I have a passion for health science and I am genuinely interested in helping people find a solution to their health issues without invasive treatment or harsh prescription medication. 

Through extensive post doctoral training and an understanding that patients need individual, specialized healthcare needs, I have constructed a breakthrough and leading edge health program for individuals like you."

Health is wealth.  Invest in yourself now for only $8 a day. 



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