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The Foundation of Wellness Program

Take back control of your health.


Hi, I'm Dr. Noah Segal, Chiropractic Physician.

Due to a medical mistake, I was told by a neurologist that I most likely had a terminal illness. I knew better than to ignore my symptoms, but I did anyway, as if waiting for a solution. I had misunderstood.

The medical mistake, and my diagnosis, was eventually cleared up, but my treatment had left damage in its wake. I was sick and frustrated for years with new complaints. Then, I had an ah-ha moment that brought me the solution I was looking for.

My upbringing in the natural foods and products industry, my extensive post-doctoral training, as well as my own health issues, influenced my interest in studying how the body and its microbiome function and impact health. I have a passion for health science and a drive to help people find a solution to their health issues without invasive treatment or harsh prescriptions.


What Our Patients Say About The Program:

The Foundation of Wellness Program has been a game-changer for me. It has helped me emotionally and physically with my health issues. I had many stomach problems and could not get any relief from a gastroenterologist. A rheumatologist was not much help with my arthritis issues either. Feeling depressed and unsure of my future with these health issues, this program made me feel so comfortable and so hopeful, with great healthy results. After testing diet and many months of conversations and supplement regiments, I can say my health issues have improved greatly and for that, I am so thankful. I will continue this program indefinitely.

~Sandra L.

I am very grateful for the success I have had with Dr. Noah. Over the years, I had spent countless hours trying to solve the mysteries of my hair loss and a constant tingling in my face. MRIs, blood work, x-rays, and endless doctors yielded no answers for me. After completing a program with Dr. Noah, I discovered GI issues, food reactions, and nutrient deficiencies that had never been identified through standard blood work. I felt better in a very short time. My hair has started some new growth, the tingling in my face is 100% gone, I feel less bloated, my inflammation is down, and I can lift weights again without being in pain.


I was considering surgery and needed professional advice beyond just my primary care physician. Dr. Noah identified my food allergies and prescribed the right supplements and diet to treat my issues and slow down my risk of diabetes. I am thankful for his expertise and all the lessons he taught me.


During This Program, You Will Receive:

  • Breakthrough Call, Testing & Data Collection. Set your goals and begin your journey. Discuss the impacts your symptoms have on your quality of life and function with Dr. Noah Segal. Decide what symptom specific-testing to start with to reach your nearest goal. Receive a testing kit for heavy metal/toxin assessment and collect micronutrient and/or microbiome data to be used as a baseline tool.
  • Building, Implementation, Monitoring. This is your time to make changes. Begin toxic element assessment and removal. Review your micronutrient and/or microbiome results and give you your unique protocol. Use current technology & communication platforms to perform formal monthly case management appointments to discuss your protocol and progress toward your goals.
  • Consultation & Thriving. Receive 1-2 hours of time discussing meal plans and food choices with a nutritionist, based off of your individual Foundation of Wellness assessments and results. After it's all said and done, this is your chance to decide your future goals. Choose to stay a member and continue to gain empowerment, quality of life, and/or graduate to a new stage in life and reap the benefits of your success. 

Ready to create your own personalized wellness solution?

WARNING: Space is limited and I only take on a Limited Number of Patients, since this is an in-depth 1:1 wellness program, each of my patients deserves my undivided attention.

Now's the time to take back your life!

If this program sounds right for you, see what you’ve been missing:

  • Get your heavy metal/toxin analysis & test your microbiome and/or micronutrients
  • Have a personal consultation to determine your specific dietary needs and meal plan.
  • Get your OWN personalized protocols
  • Monthly follow-ups & concierge availability to help you along the way

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, the Foundation of Wellness is for you!