Terms & Conditions

The Foundation of Wellness Program is paid in either 6 months (to include microbiome OR micronutrient testing) or 12 months of payments (to include microbiome AND micronutrient testing), actual times of service may be more or less than the time payments are made although most service/counseling periods coincide with payments.  Payment in full for $1497 or $2994 respectively can be made to save $285 or $570 respectively.  The program consists of outside services (paid for by Noah M Segal DC PLLC) and provided by CLIA certified Labs (Vibrant America-Micronutrient and Diagnostic Solutions-GIMAP) and because of this there are no refunds or cancellations available except by written permission from Noah M Segal DC PLLC.  Phlebotomy is a service many patients require during the program.  Any phlebotomy fees are the sole responsibility of the member.  The hair test for toxic elements will be paid by the Noah M Segal DC PLLC.  Testing cost of micronutrient and/or microbiome testing is included and paid by Noah M Segal DC PLLC.  Discounts for payment in full, families, special circumstances and expedited testing or changes to the program can be considered by direct contact to the office by phone or email.  Testing and nutritional counseling provided by the team Dr. Noah Segal DC (Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine) and Dr. Dani Segal PhD (Holistic Nutrition) involves a range of services that are not reimbursable by most health insurance plans. Receipts can be provided but any submission to health plans will be by members directly.  Members are required to submit their testing kits to the lab within 30 (Thirty) days from the date they receive them in the mail, or are picked up from Healthy Thymes Market/Dr. Segal’s office. If there is any issue with shipping kits please call or email the office as soon as possible.  

*NY Disclosure: Our various lab partners are restricted in some way or another from shipping to or receiving samples from the state of NY.  Please follow our instructions closely if you reside in NY or any other restrictive state.

The Foundation of Wellness 

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